Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 2012 Savings Report

So not only did I hit my goal of 60% I surpassed it! d This month the retail value of everything is $2,045.73, I spent $718.75, this means that I saved $1277.98 or 67.36% this past month!  This only includes transactions where a coupon was used. But that is still really good because we are avoiding eating out and all and well y'all know what the gas prices look like.  This month did even include me doing some work in the yards!
Now, I also want to share that my YTD savings with my Target Red Card (debit version) is $199.08, it saves me 5% on all of my Target transactions, it comes directly out of your checking account a few days later, so if ya do much shopping at Target it is definitely worth getting.  (This also tells me that I spend entirely way too much at Target, this is one of my budget leaks that I am working on.

And lastly my YTD savings so far is $5535.20 or 56.4% with a retail value of  $9814.44,  by the end of the year I would like to have this at 65%!!!!!   Each month I get better with my coupons, my stockpile grows and I seal up those budget leaks a little bit more...


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