Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Early to Rise

I have been following along with Money Saving Mom's Challenge... Early to Rise

This week I got up at 7:07am on Monday. (not so early ... had a long weekend at work)   

Tuesday I rolled out of bed at 5:32, and had so much done by the time David woke up!

Today I just couldn't get started and waited till 6:02... David woke at about 6:45am and wanted to get up and run by 7am so my lesson was learned about waiting to get up... My lesson was learned, and the next time I think of just rolling back over, I will remember how difficult a day can be if I don't get going before David!

So my goal is to make it up by 5am each day starting tomorrow I will post daily with a screen  shot from my phone to show what time I actually rolled out of bed!

How did your morning go? Where you able to get up on time?

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  1. I have been really enjoying getting up before my family too. I seem to get so much done and just the quiet time is so nice. I got up at 6:24 this morning. I hope you are able to meet your goal tomorrow.

    1. I didn't make it Yesterday but today I did and I have gotten so much done!

  2. Way to go! Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

    1. I'm getting so much more done in my day, I am really glad that I am taking part in the challenge!


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