Monday, January 9, 2012

Kroger Saga #1

Be careful using your phone number at stores, an employee of Kroger felt that it was ok to memorize my number and use my fuel points himself, i know who it is because he admitted to knowing my number one day as I started to give it, then 2 days later I'm missing fuel points i was saving to fill up Kevin's truck, well I called and they gave me all of the details time, place, pump, etc so now the store director will be reviewing surveillance tape to verify who stole from me!
The way it stands the most that I can save now is $9.00 instead of $15.00!

I will be going in to speak with management again in a few days and see how they plan to compensate me for what was taken from me in such a dishonest manner! 

Check back to see what happens!


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