Thursday, February 7, 2013

Total Room Makeover

So for the last few days I have been very busy redoing our whole room, and tonight it is finally done!

I forgot to take a before picture so I went digging through Photo-Bucket and found an old picture that shows some of it ...
We also had miss matched night stands and such... Oh and the mattress was 12 years old... So who is ready for the final product...

 photo e5f75737-623d-49e2-8640-be86189934dd_zpsfa6e8203.jpg

Everything has been replaced... I love love love this room! I also have my spot for all my blogging and couponing in our bedroom...

 photo 17b5c1a3-2e00-4449-891d-c4aadf630013_zps247c1841.jpg 

So, now that this is done and the bed is lifted... I think i will move the toilet paper and paper towels under it... My next project will be to clean out some cupboards in the kitchen so that I can condense and create more space for my canned goods... 
 photo siggy-2_zps14e6c2f4.png

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