Thursday, July 12, 2012

Couponing for Crafts

David and I took had an outing today to search for a sewing basket for mommy, and while out we discovered that... Jo~Ann's now has an app for android and Iphones, this is an easy way of getting coupons for their store when I downloaded it today it gave me (4) coupons (2) that were for 50% off of a regular priced item and (2) that were for 40%off of a regular priced item.  The best part they can be used more than once on most occasions as well as all in one transaction!

I was able to get a sewing basket, pins, needles, embroidery needles and a case for my crochet hooks for just $35.xx and the sewing basket alone was was priced at $49.99!  I will be getting back into my crafts now with my sewing stuff in my new basket and my paints in my tool box!

Share with us the crafts that you enjoy and what you find for cheap at Jo~Ann's!

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