Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Product Reviews

So I thought it would be good te review some products that I have tried because they were free or I was getting a good deal with a coupon!

Air Wick automatic air fresheners- absolutely love these in the bathroom and David's room they work great at helping with smells when changing diapers!

Bounce Dryer Bar- I tend to forget to put dryer sheets in plus I hate cleaning them all up while folding laundry, this has been a great solution, clothes are always fresh!

Dove Shampoo/ Conditioner- I got all of this for free a while back at CVS and I absolutely loved it!

Tide Detergent- I have been using this on David's clothes and haven't had any stains since I began using it,  it even removed stains from our bedding that happened in the move due to moister getting in the boxes, these stains were nearly a year old!

Tide Stain Release - I use this in all of David's laundry just to be sure it comes as clean as it

Viva Paper Towels- We honestly hated these Kevin even asked me to not get them anymore!


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