Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It

So I haven't posted in a while so I thought one big post was in order!

David saw the pediatrician today for his reflux and weighed in at a whopping 13pounds 10ounces I find it had to believe that he is growing so fast!  The doctor said that he will be starting solids at 4 months so look out little guy your gonna have new flavors to taste!  He has learned to mush up on his hands and knees and is trying so hard to figure this crawling thing out, look out Holly and Nabby baby brother is gonna get ya soon.  Considering that he can now sit up well and all I thought that it was time to take the sling out of his little baby bath tub and as you can see in the video he learned to kick his feet in the water and splash!  David has learned to grab things and hold on tight leading me to get a hair cut today and since the hair cut he hasn't grabbed once!

Well a couple of weeks back I got a phone interview that turned in to a second interview but I was told i would be called back by last Friday and I was not so now I'm going to be returning to Maxim for now and applying for every position that I come across with in a 30 mile radius, I will find full time work in time I just have to be patient!
I did really well this week and I will be posting it on the new Coupon Updates page here on the blog a tab can be found near the top of the blog.   Keep an eye on it and look towards the end of each week for an update of the deals that I plan to do the following week as well as an update on how I did that week!  Also I will be putting buttons on this page to lead you to a couple of the blogs that I follow to help me find great deals!

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