Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekly Goals Week 1 November 2012


So I am starting over on these goals because so much has happened in the last few weeks! So from today on here are my goals for the rest of the week!

This weeks goals!

I plan to continue with the same ones as last week as most of them were not completed, I think that it will be just slightly altered over the coming weeks!

Family/ Marriage/ Mothering Goals
  • Start back up The Love Dare.
  • Spend 45 mins a day on the floor playing with David!
Personal Goals
  • Get up by 6am each day.
  • Start Reading Confessions of a Scary Mommy.
  • Yoga each night before bed.
  • Follow My Fitness Pal
 Homemaking Goals
  • Have the housework done by 9pm.
  • Start my scarf for this winter.
  • Meal Plan for the rest of the next 2 weeks.
  • One NEW Educational Post.
  • One deal each day.
  • Store Deals for the week.
  • Update on David. 

Share your goals for the week with us! And check back next week to see how I have done!


  1. Are you enjoying the Love Dare? I've never done that but would like to try a similar challenge to benefit my marriage!

  2. Jenny I just started a new job this week so I haven't started it again, I have started it several times and love it but usually get so busy that I don't finish it. :-(


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