Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Early to Rise Challenge... Extra Early!

I was up even earlier than planned.  We had our corned beef dinner last night because I was working this weekend, so I got up extra early and made David's Daddy his favorite corned beef hash!

Our alarm went off at 4:00 I rolled out of bed at...

 photo 44acb416-191c-4228-9b23-14b733af7849_zps6c226ce3.jpg

This is so much easier this week than it was last, this new approach to things has eliminated a bunch of stress!  I also really enjoyed my time with Kevin this morning and have already gotten so much done.  So the plan is to do this again tomorrow!

I will be finishing a few chores up and getting cleaned up for the day, once David is up we will get him going and then we are gonna head out for the first day of the local Farmers Market!

What time were you up today?
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