Friday, July 15, 2011

Where Do I Find My Coupons

If you check out the My Favorites page (a link can be found at the top of this blog)  you will see that I have listed my favorite websites in categories one of which is devoted to couponing. You will also see a categorical list of my favorite Android Applications and there is a list of my favorite couponing apps, please check these lists FREQUENTLY as I am always finding more apps and websites for couponing.

Also please look at my Picasa Photostream pictures page to see the deals I have found as time goes on I will probably reorganize my blog so that things can be more easily found and used.  And please feel free to leave me comments of tips you may have or anything you may want further explained.

When a new link or app is posted it will have *    * on either end of it so that you know which ones were recently posted!

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