Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Early to Rise Double Edition

So I am trying really hard to stay off of the computer when David is awake as well as when Kevin is home so that we can spend more time as a family. So that is why yesterdays post and today's are way late!

Yesterday I woke up and got up at...
 photo 8bde5bcc-95a2-4ebf-a9c8-271633ddf274_zpsc12f1f1e.jpg

Not at early as it has been but still not bad!

And today...
 photo afb3e56a-c924-4da4-b15e-a32f244abd93_zps55ae3def.jpg

Yep you got it I tried to sleep in but couldn't really sleep even tough we went to bed late last night because we were up watching a High Speed Police Chase... Pure Entertainment!

I will try to get the one for tomorrow up before David wakes!  I am now caught up on posts!

Tell us what time you got up today...
 photo siggy-2_zps14e6c2f4.png

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