Monday, June 25, 2012

Daily Routines


So with summer here its getting really hot in TX, so I need to get as much done as I can early in the day.  Add in me on a diet so 3 different workouts per day and this means we need a daily routine!  So I typed one up and want to share it as an example for one for y'all, I printed it with 2 on 1 page of brightly colored paper and had it laminated and am using it to mark my place in the Mommy Brain! So here is our daily routine 

Our Daily Routine
Wake up at 6am
ÿ        Yoga
ÿ        Elliptical
ÿ        Shower
ÿ        Coffee/Blog/Coupons with TV
David Wakes
ÿ        Fix breakfast/Unload Dishwasher
ÿ        Breakfast
ÿ        15  Minute Pick-Up
ÿ        Make Bed
ÿ        Laundry
ÿ        Blog/Coupons/ Outing
ÿ        Errands
ÿ        Lunch
David Down For A Nap
ÿ        Dinner Prep
ÿ        Blog/Coupons
ÿ        Clean Up
David Wakes up
ÿ        Play
ÿ        15 Minute Pick-Up
ÿ        Fix Dinner
ÿ        Clean Up Dinner/ Vacuum
7:15 David’s Bath/Clean David’s Room/Story
8:00pm David In bed
ÿ        Viggle/Blog
9:15 Yoga/Shower
10:00pm In Bed/Read

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